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Special - Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes

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A European partnership – building the capacity of town planners to deliver sustainable energy solutions.

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Apr 2016
Pan European Guide

Planners across Europe are at the forefront of the creation of a low carbon future. As the challenges of climate change increase, the dangers of flooding, extreme heat and drought are experienced more regularly across Europe. Spatial planning is the profession with the most powerful ability to co-ordinate the many things that need to be done to ensure that the physical environment mitigates the effects of climate change. It is often the most vulnerable in society who are most affected by climate change. Spatial planning provides a democratic process to reach decisions which, while not always popular, can help to safeguard the future of the planet and ensure that the well-being of the entire population is considered. Planners need to have the right skills and knowledge to deal with the challenges presented by climate change. The case studies in this guide illustrate what can be achieved through an integrated and robust approach to spatial planning for energy. This pan-European guide for planners has been created to help planners achieve the skills which they will need to maximise their contribution towards a sustainable and low carbon environment.


Congratulations Anthony Mcnamara and South Dublin CC on winning Irish National Planning Awards @IrishPlanInst https://t.co/aLpvDqwAzw